As an e-commerce company, iolo technologies's Avangate is a website to sell System Mechanic and other iolo products online. Set up in 2006 in Amsterdam, the company has become a leading provider of secure digital “shopping cart” and payment processing services for many software companies worldwide. As iolo’s secure online checkout provider, Avangate facilitates iolo software transactions using a safe, industry standardized protocol.

Why iolo uses Avangate's services

iolo switched from using an in-house digital commerce solution to Avangate’s services because the latter provides iolo customers with a faster, easier checkout experience as well as increased security over private data. Avangate complies with current online security standards. Your private data is 100% secure within Avangate’s PCI and Better Business Bureau certified, DSS compliant environment.

How to identify iolo software purchases through Avangate

If you see the company name Avangate on your credit card or banking statement, you may have recently purchased or renewed an iolo product. You may also receive an email receipt from Avangate that details the purchase. Many software merchants use Avangate’s e-commerce platform, so please look for “AVANGATE*IOLO.COM” on your credit card or banking statement to verify its association with System Mechanic or other iolo products. To be clear, System Mechanic is not an Avangate product. The software is created and sold by iolo technologies, LLC, through the online shopping cart services provided by Avangate, with whom iolo is officially partnered solely for this purpose.

Caches and Your Privacy

It is inevitable to remain pictures and other caches on your pc every time after browsed shopping sites like Avangate. What's more, if unfortunately your pc is hacked by some  shameless people, your password, payment record and your address can be easily get too.  Luckily, there is some methods to clean these caches and protect your privacy but I just introduce the easiest one: use a third-party software. Before the tutorials begin you need to install it: NEPTUNE SYSTEMCARE ULTIMATE

Clean Up Junk Files and Programs

Erasing the unnecessary junk files in the system, the registry and other programs will help a lot in speeding up the computer. Cleaning this kind of dump files can reduce unnecessary load on the hard ware, which takes away system resources that we can use elsewhere.

Removing unwanted and old programs is essential, too. These less frequently used software not only take up hard drive space but also secretly run in the background and thus robbing away the processor working capacity.

Also considering the big and temporary files you simply don’t use. The more hard drive free space available, the better the performance. Because the drive capacity can’t be pushed to its limits again and again.

All these junks can be easily deleted to clean out for speeding up computers in the Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, which is an advanced computer optimization utility, sweeping off all the junks within one click.

Clean and organize hard drive

Defragmenting the hardware is consolidating all the empty spaces that are created in the file system structure when you install and remove files. These empty spaces make your hard drive take longer to think, which in turn causes files, folders, and programs to open slowly. Thus, to defrag the hard drive will clean out more space for other valuable resources.

Open Neptune advanced SystemCare Ultimate and head to System Tuneup tab to choose Disk Defrag. Scan and Defrag will help to speed up opening files. Be careful that the computer will restart after the defragment.

You can see that cleaning and speeding up computer entirely seems not so hard. Just a few clicks can save you more time and better computer experience.