DPC watchdog violation is an confusing problem for windows users. Many of Windows users have faced the trouble when they upgrade their system to windows 10, with a note  "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION" and an error code of "0x00000133". We are going to explain the causes of the DPC watchdog violation and the error as well as take some useful ways to sovle DPC watchdog violation 0x00000133 error.

DPC watchdog violation 0x00000133 error is related to the Windows system update?

Actually Microsoft can`t fix DPC watchdog violation 0x00000133 error itself temporarily, Windows users need to take measures by themselves. Generally speaking, there is an error of DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION BSOD when users upgrade their system to windows 10. As a result, you need to remember if you have updated the drivers on your PC or Windows firstly.

Method1. Solve DPC watchdog violation 0x00000133 error with Device Manager

DPC watchdog violation can be caused by the incompatibility of drivers which is resulted from iastor.sys. As a feasible choice to solve DPC watchdog violation, you can try the following steps to change problematic drivers with Microsoft storahci.sys, then you can continue to use your Windows device.

1. Win+X to open "device manager";

The same time as

2. Unfold the "IDE ATA/ATAPI controller";

3.Choose the controller named with "SATA AHCI" (like "standard SATA AHCI controller"). You can make sure the choice with the route: right click controller-select "properties"-click "driver"- "details" -tap "ok";

4. In "driver", select "update driver software";

5. Choose "Browse my computer for driver software";

6. Choose "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer";

7 . Choose "Standard SATA AHCI Controller";

8 . Click "Next" and "Close", then restart your computer.

Method 2. Solve DPC watchdog violation 0x00000133 error with updating components of SSD driver

The DPC watchdog violation will happen sometime if you updated to Windows 8, in this situation of Windows 8, you need to update components of SSD driver on Windows official website. The thing you need to pay attention to is to choose a proper version of the driver.

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Method 3. Solve DPC watchdog violation 0x00000133 error with uninstalling sound and internet driver

Some Windows users may stuck in installing VMware workstation 8, uninstall the sound and internet driver is helpful to solve the problem easily

These 3 methods above can be used to solve DPC watchdog violation effectively. In fact, updating the driver regularly is useful to solve DPC watchdog violation. NEPTUNE SYSTEMCARE 2017 is helpful to update driver automatically, and you don`t need to try hard to download and install drivers online.