Windows has been released for nearly 2 years, and its strong power has been witnessed by millions of users. Why strong? It asks for low hardware requirements of computers —1 GHz processor, 1 GB memory, 16 GB hard drive, which can support the old computer run smoothly.

However, upgrade to Windows 10 is only the half success. For example, the graphics of the old computer is the senior generation, while Windows 10 provides a lot of new transitional animation. It might be too much for your old computer to run and it would freeze. But do not be too worried about that, here are some tips to speed up Windows 10 for old computers.

1. Spend Some Money on the New SSD

Although Windows 10 asks little requirements for the hardware, even less than Windows 7 and Windows 8, but mechanical hard drive is always an obstacle. Changing with a new solid-state drive (SSD) is a great idea, which only costs you 20 bucks or so.

If you do not intend to spend money on the old machine, follow the next steps.

2. Disable Visual Effects

This is the best solution to tame the negative impact of old graphics.

->Right Click the Desktop and hit Personalize, find Control Panel Home and click Advanced system settings. Or open Cortana to type sysdm.cpl and press Enter. Click the Advanced tab and click Settings in the Performance section.

->A list of the various visual effects appears. We can either uncheck the ones we think might be a problem or simply select the Adjust for best performance option at the top. Click OK to save the changes.

3. Disk Defragment

Disk Defragment organizes disk space, freeing up the most store room.

->Get into This PC, and find Drive C:. Right click on the icon and choose Properties.

4. Use an Advanced PC Optimize Tool

This can save you a lot of times and put things right once for all. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is the best choice. It adopts innovative technologies to reach the pure performance, stabilizes the system, defrags Windows registry and hard drive, and disables applications running silently.

->Download and launch Neptune SystemCare Ultimate.

->Click on everything you are interested.

->Windows 10 speeds up.

Follow the above tips, speeding up Windows 10 for old computers can be very easy.