Windows 10 is the best operating system ever, for its low hard requirements, multiple desktops, the new personal assistant Cortana, the smart interface, and most importantly, the smooth running speed. However, many users reported that the smooth does not go too far. Their Windows 10 computers run slow after update. This article is going to show you some quick and easy tips to fix the problem of Windows 10 computer running slow after update.

1. Hold/Postpone the Newest Version Updates

If your computer became slow after you got the PRO version of Windows 10 installed, you should rollback the system to recover.

-> Click Start>Settings.

->Choose Update and Security, and then Windows Update.

->Open Advanced options, check the box Defer feature updates.

2. Update Drivers

Outdated drivers slow down your Windows 10 computer bit by bit. Fortunately, device manufacturers release updates to fix some bugs.

->Open Device Manager.

->Right-click on the device with ! mark.

->Choose Update Driver Software.

3. Change Power Settings

This actually improves the performance.

->Open Start, and click on Power Options and then Choose what power buttons do.

->Open Change settings, and check Turn on fast startup box. Do not forget about save changes.

4. Fasten Startup

It is a common way to minimize the startup programs and service to loosen the burden of the computer.

->Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and choose Task Manager.

->Find Startup tab, and disable the unnecessary programs.

->Find Services tab, and choose Hide all Microsoft services. Click on Stop.


5. Use a PC Optimization Tool

Removing old applications and temp files is the necessity to clean up the computer. Try Neptune SystemCare 2017 to fix the problem. With its Disk Eraser and Disk Defrag, your disks would be clean in a quick and safe way.

->Download and launch Neptune SystemCare 2017.

->Find System Tuneup tab, Disk Defrag and Scan.

->Find Privacy Protector, Disk Eraser to erase the leftover file data.

Hopefully, these 5 tips could be helpful to fix computer running slow after Windows 10 update. More tips will be shared if we get the new info.