It is very common that computers’ running a little bit slower over time. If you got a computer that is over one year old, you must have asked what you can do about that.

If you try to get your computer a faster speed, not the rocket one, you can read the following reason that might slows down your computer and the tips to speed up your computer.

1. Running too many programs at startup

Too often, we wait for the computer to start like forever, and we are afraid of clicking on any button ahead of the full startup because it would freeze if that. We should avoid numbers of unnecessary programs automatically start. Here’s what to do to fasten the startup speed.

->Open Task Manager, tab Startup, and click on the programs you do not need to startup with the system. Disable.

2. Need defrag

The disk is like the drawer, piled up with all kinds of files and they are messed up by your careless operation or the limited memory space. Defragging is like organizing all the files right into the room they belong to. Here’s what you should do.

->Open This PC/My Computer, right-click on the C: drive, choose Properties, then tab Tools, and Defragment.

3. Full Hard Drive

Experts say you should keep at least 10% of your hard drive empty. We now store numbers of photos, music, and videos. If it slows down the speed to access data on the computer, buying an extra external hard drive is recommended.

4. Heavy Browsing History

When we talk about the computer speed, mostly we mean the speed to browse on the internet. If every page loads like forever, you would better click into the settings and clear browser history or data.

5. Memory-starved Computer

We usually have a bad computer using habit — open too many programs and never close them until we shut down the computer. Imagine that you wear a backpack with 20 Oxford English Dictionary, would you run fast in high heels? Therefore, open Task Manager and End some of the programs you do not use anymore. But it may waste some time to get that done once a while. So a speedball of Neptune SystemCare 2017 is recommended. It is a silent one, so you will not feel any bothering.

->Download and launch Neptune SystemCare 2017.

->Find its icon on the toolbar and right click on Show Floating Window. Click CPU if you feel your computer speed slows down.

Here are five ways to avoid the mind-numbing time waiting for the slow computer. You can always get yourself a faster computer speed using the regular maintenance.