Nowadays, it is convenient for most of users to download and install the Apps they need such as Kaspersky from App shop or some reliable advanced systemcare pro key. They can manage these Apps according to different limitations such as the usage frequency or feedback. If they don`t need some of those Apps anymore, it is necessary for them to uninstall it to save the space and prevent to virus. However, not every one of users know the ways to uninstall apps on their device. Here we will take the app Kaspersky and Mac as an example, tell you how to uninstall kaspersky on Mac step by step.

Method1. How to uninstall Kaspersky on Mac via Control Panel

Step 1: Exit Kaspersky app and stop all background process KSC via Task Manager. You can refer to the screenshots following for the details.

Step 2: Uninstall Kaspersky on Mac programs list under Control Panel. It is feasible for you to consider removing the aforementioned KSC. Please refer to the following 7 pictures for details. Keep following the route to find Kaspersky installation files in control panel: Control Panel-Programs-Programs and features.

Step 3: Try detecting and wiping all instances (leftovers & components) of Kaspersky, such as installation information that has been left in file system and/or Registry Editor.  Optionally, in order to ensure if you have uninstalled Kaspersky on Mac totally, you can search Kaspersky on your Mac by inputting Kaspersky on Mac. If Kaspersky still exists, you need to use a freeware to erase it.

Method2. How to uninstall Kaspersky on Mac by NEPTUNE SYSTEMCARE ULTIMATE

Step 1 > Run NEPTUNE SYSTEMCARE ULTIMATE and select Kaspersky program.

Step 2 > Click Uninstall to start the removal

Step 3 > Kaspersky will pop up a note, click Accept to continue the uninstallation

Step 4 > Follow the setup to finish the uninstallation, then select none-next-remove to continue. A note uninstallation in progress will show up.

Step 5 > Restart your computer to complete the uninstallation (Or you can reboot later)

Thus, you can easily uninstall Kaspersky on Mac. For more convenient and security, NEPTUNE SYSTEMCARE ULTIMATE is recommended for you. In addition, it offers you 4 features for free trial including: scaning for privacy risks and useless files, decreasing CPU usage, monitoring running process, hardware and speeding PC up.