When you first see tuneup utility which claims to clean and speed up your PC, you might feel like it a trap to trick your money. Isn’t the antivirus software covering everything? The answer is a clear no. It is the computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software. You cannot blame on it if your computer is not running slow because of a malware. Then what is PC tuneup utility? Which of them is defined as an advanced or a good one for us to use? Let’s find out.

What is an advanced PC tuneup utility? 

A PC tune-up utility is a kind of software that checkup deep into your computer and repairs troublesome issues and the ultimate propose is speeding up the computer. It performs multiple tasks, including repairing the problematic Windows registry, defragmenting your PC's hard drive, and freeing up disk space by deleting useless and duplicate files. Normally, free tune-up utilities perform just those basic functions; while more advanced ones add bonus features that improve your computer practically.

Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is the most advanced all-in-one PC optimization tool, which can clean registry, remove junk files, secure and speed up your PC with one click. It is just like the disgorgante gel cleaning up the pipeline, making the water running smoother. Also, it helps to protect computer privacy and monitor the processes. There are five sections in this software: PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector and System Monitor.

That means, Neptune SystemCare Ultimate can help you when

-PC runs slow for stuffed memory

-PC crashes because of registry errors

-PC freezes due to fragments in the system files

-PC gets stuck by the temporary files, duplicated files, and junks in the Recycle Bins

-PC is at risks of online privacy violation and local leftover files

-not thoroughly uninstalling many unwanted programs


It features in:

-One-click PC Checkup and Fix

-Registry Clean and Defrag

-Scheduled regular  PC maintenance

-File Management for more space

-Hard Drive Clean and Defrag

-Startup Items Management

-System Optimization

-Handy operation and logically clear interface

-Multi-language support

Neptune SystemCare Ultimate provides several advantages

1. World’s fastest scan mechanism. PC checkup needs no long-time waiting.

2. One-click system backup. Save the sufferings from data lost when something catastrophic happens.

3. Troubleshoot support available to assist you through email response within 48 hours.

4. Supports almost Windows system; 3 PCs with one registered account.