There are lots of registry cleaners that promise to boost your PC speed by removing invalid keys from the registry. The qualified registry cleaner won’t cause any damages, but are unlikely to have a noticeable effect on general speed. The amount of drive space used by each database entry is tiny, and they have an insignificant impact on memory usage when the registry is loaded at startup.

Before any recommendation on the best free registry cleaner and cleanup tool, you can decide if your computer needs a registry cleaner with the following information. Let’s see what the registry is, how it works and why it should be cleaned and fixed.

The Windows registry is a database containing almost all your PC’s hardware and software settings. Opening a file, or installing new software requires the system refer to the corresponding information in the registry. When you uninstall a program, delete documents, or remove a malware, their registry keys should be removed too, but there are still some invalid or errored leftovers. And that’s the problem that the registry should be fixed.

Therefore, for improving general performance, it’s the other tools bundled with registry cleaners that have a real impact. With that in mind, these are our picks of the best free registry cleaners and general cleanup tools for Windows. And they all cater to the qualification of what a good registry cleaner tool should have.

1. Low error rate. Here it means causes the fewest problems. Many users make complaints online about that the registry cleaner makes the PC worse than ever and cleans things for no reasons.

2. Registry Backup. Most products prompt you and give an option of backup before making any changes.

3. Feature to choose which area will be scanned.

4. Powerful Scan. This will display what will be fixed in a list and also provides you a severity of the errors.

5. More system cleaning options. The registry cleaner is only one part of the cleaning tools where you can have more cleaning items to help your PC performance.


CCleaner is one of the most recommended registry cleaners for anybody to use — it includes an extremely clean and logical interface. All of its navigational buttons can be found on the left side bar which lists the different functions of the application.

It is pity that it got malware-infected these days.

Advanced SystemCare 10

Advanced Systemcare 10 gets a flashy and well-organized interface. Registry Clean scanning cost 25 seconds and resulted in 181 issues. If you want to learn more details, you can click on the left side bar to open the detailed list, which is kind of obsolete. It is awesome. But it does have lots of ads for other IObit products.

Neptune SystemCare 

Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is a powerful PC optimization tool, having the best free registry cleaner, which gets the 0.01% error rate and 99.99% of checking up and fixed the actual registry issues. Scanned and proved by five of the most reputable antivirus engine, it is safe and with no adware. It is easy-to-use and delicate to get you every detail of errored registry entries professionally. Worth a shot! After all, it is safe and free.


All these registry cleaners are great choices and that it mainly comes to your personal preferences as to which one you prefer the most. However, there are still differences between the three. For improving general performance, it’s the other tools bundled with registry cleaners that have a real impact. With that in mind, you could pick up the best free registry cleaner or the pc cleaning tool for your computer.