You may have already tried Kaspersky, Norton, Avast or other antivirus software, but often you still encounter the system error notice, costing-forever startup, crashes before saving the documents, and terribly slow mouse moving. Why is that?

You might forget about the principle that everything you did on the PC can affect its performance. The temporary files and junk files that you do not remove take up the memory space, causing the slow PC running; the registry that you don’t clean leaves holes and bugs, causing the system errors. The startup items that you do not reset are configured more and more by the software companies, playing hard on the PC start.

Using a tuneup utility is a handy way to fix all these problems. Luckily, Neptune SystemCare 2017 is a world-leading PC tune up freeware with registry clean, privacy protection and Windows optimization to fix slow computer issues, considered as one of the best free tuneup utilities for Windows PC of 2017. Let’s see what it would do for your computer:

1. One-click PC Checkup

Help you find potential system problems and optimizable items, and then fix them with just one click.

2. System Cleaner

In this tab, use Registry Cleaner to clean up the registry, use Advanced Cleaner to clean and free up more hard disk space, and use Common Cleaner as a routine to erase files and traces including Internet Browsing history in your Windows PC.

3. System Tuneup

You really should take good advantage of this section. System Optimizer is a comprehensive function to accelerate Startup and Shutdown, stabilize the system, speed up system and network. You can select to tuneup all the items by checking the box Select All at the bottom.

As for Disk Defrag, Registry Defrag and Startup Manager, they are subdivisions for system optimization, detailed and delicate.

4. Privacy Protector

Even though this utility does not open all the functions to the free users, still it can help you with the local potential privacy risks. Also, password generator here can create the strong password which is the first wall to secure your privacy.

5. System Monitor

This is a Task Manager, displaying easier-understanding interface than what you have in Microsoft. All you need to do is to decide and end the processes taking up the CPU when your PC is extremely slow.

With the features and functions mentioned above, Neptune SystemCare 2017 Free is sure the best and free tuneup utility for Windows PC of 2017, compared to those that only have limited functions and constant ads. It helps your Windows PC to run with a perfect performance. Also, it is not a one-time program — daily PC maintenance is essential for preventing the cases like frequent errors flashing and long-time response to every click. Therefore, a scheduled checkup is recommended.