Over times your PC might become slower with freezes and crashes and less secure. Except for the aging hardware and fierce malware, invalid registry entries, junk files, full and fragmented disks, excess startup programs and background service can be the very reason.

Although Microsoft has already given as many system maintenance tools as possible to the user, there are many stronger and easier PC optimizers that boost PC performance much more conveniently. The best PC optimizer contains a variety of system utilities and functions to help your aging PC running like new, and here’s one you should have a shot.


The Best PC Optimizer for Windows PC — Neptune SystemCare Ultimate

1. Use PC Checkup for all-in-one scanning, cleaning, and fixing

This utility can help optimizing Windows PC within two clicks, which combines other Neptune utilities functions into one single checkup. Click Checkup and wait like one minute (depends on how much dump the PC has), the diagnosis comes out. Then, click on the Fix, PC is optimized.

System Cleaner 

1. Clean the Registry

A regular registry cleanup will boost and stabilize your PC. Every move on the computer will be recorded in the registry and most of them are useless.

2. Remove Temporary and Big Files

Deleting the big files that are no longer used and the memory occupied temporary files (the copies of recently used files that Windows automatically stores in local) will release more disk space, which leaves more room for the programs and service to go smoothly.

3. Remove Windows Downloaded Installation Files

When Windows update patch installation is complete, it’s safe to remove the files. This can free up some disk space.

System Tuneup

 1. System Optimization

This utility includes startup and shutdown acceleration, system stability, system speedup and network speedup, which totally satisfy the users’ need for PC speed.

2. Disk Defrag and Registry Defrag

Both of them embrace the same theory, but for different objectives. Disk Defrag helps smooth disk running, while Registry Defrag reduces system error and improves system stability.

3. Startup Manager

This utility is a startup tool in Task Manager with bonus functions, which will tell you clearly whichever can be disabled in the startup, list the boot time, and the suggestion on the third –party services.

4. Context Menu

Context Menu manages a graphical user interface (GUI) that appears on the user interaction, such as a right-click mouse operation. This utility can help you improve the work efficiency.

Privacy Protector

1. Privacy Eraser

The private information like browsing history and accessed files would be removed thoroughly.

2. Disk Eraser and File Shredder 

Both Disk Eraser and File Shredder can protect your privacy by a complete removal of the deleted files in case that some data recovery applications may recover these files.

3. Password Generator

This utility helps you create a strong password, preventing your financial, email and social media accounts getting hacked.


System Monitor

Monitor on both Software and Hardware


Due to the limited length of the text, some of the great features are not displayed. But what mentioned above, undoubtedly, proves Neptune SystemCare Ultimate the best PC Optimizer. More details please click here.