This is a common issue in Windows computer that Windows Explorer has stopped working error occurs, when Windows users are just working on the computer, playing games or surf Internet. Sometimes this error displayed occasionally and repeatedly, which has a bad impact on the work or entertainment.

To fix repeat Windows Explore has stopped working errors, you get in the right post. This troubleshooting guide works for the error in Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10.


Before addressing any computer issue, I always recommend scanning and repairing any underlying problems affecting your PC health and performance:

Step 1 Download PC Optimization Utility.

Step 2 Click PC Checkup to find existed or potential Windows system errors, junk files and invalid registry entries.

Step 3 Click Fix to repair all the issues. 

Solution 1 | Run Windows System File Checker

This solution checks the operating system for missing and corrupt files and replaces them with the original version to make sure only valid files are used. This helps in cases of data corruption and malicious attacks that have modified or deleted core operating system files. (including those related to Windows Explore has stopped working error).

->Press Win+R to open Run command, type cmd in to open command prompt.

->Type sfc /scannow and hit ENTER.

->Be patient, the system scan may take a while.

Solution 2 | Disk Error Checking

It could be that the hard drive has bad sectors or other problems that lead to this Windows Explorer error message. To perform hard disk check:

->Open This PC/My Computer, right-click on the disk (always C: first) and choose Properties.

->In the new dialogue window, choose Tools tab and then choose Error checking.

->Wait until it finishes.

Solution 3 | Check For Memory Corruption

The error message can appear if the Windows desktop or the startup directory of Windows Explorer contains corrupt files.

->->Press Win+R to open Run command, type mem in, to open Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.

Solution 4 | Run Security Software

A virus or other malware might be the cause of the issues with Windows Explorer. Scanning the system with security applications like Windows Defender ensures that no virus or other malicious code is running on the system causing the problem

The four solutions have fixed the "Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working" issue in the past. You can also roll back to a previous system restore point to repair it like this:

->Open Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, on the top of the interface, you can see a list of buttons.

-> The second button is for creating a restore point, and the third one is for recovering from the restored version. You can click the second button to restore the recent one.