Every Windows program you install on your system may add itself as a startup item, and some of them even remain anonymous. If you are a Windows 8 or Windows 10 user, you may see a white icon named Program on the tab Startup list of Task Manager, like what in the picture below. You can use Task Manager to disable startup programs and services that are no longer required. But it doesn’t come with many features and doesn’t provide any advanced functions.

To identify what the unknown items are in the startup, there are two ways. The DIY way is a bit complicated and easily wrong. Another one is much easier—downloads and installs Neptune SystemCare Ultimate. With the best built-in Startup Manager for Windows PC, you can find out exactly what these unknown startup programs and services are doing. With easy clicks, you can identify, modify, delete programs, or restore the one that is falsely disabled.

If you really have the time to frequently investigating the origin of Windows programs and processes, you can follow the steps as follow.

  • Head to Task Manager to open Startup tab.
  • Right-click on the header column and choose Command Line.

  • Then the window would display the location of any local resources that the unknown program or service is accessing when it’s run.

In this example, you can see that our unknown Program is associated with iCloudServices.exe, an Apple program that enables access to the company’s iCloud features in Windows. But still, you cannot decide whether it is worth in the Windows startup.

Using the best Startup Manager for Windows PC is otherwise. Based on the specific time and star ratings, you can easily slide the unnecessary programs and service with a few clicks, not mention the powerful Windows Startup speedup function.