The registry is a database that restores information about the hardware, software, and massive configuration settings on your PC, in forms of keys and values, which is an essential part of every Microsoft OS, including the latest generation Windows 10.

Many users have complaints about the system errors and failures happening in their new PC on Windows 10, with the message REGISTRY_ERROR displaying. What causes registry problems? There could be various reasons, among which the most common ones are:

-The installation and removal of software. Registry errors can occur when you’ve uninstalled programs incorrectly, so some of their information stays in the registry.

-Improper PC shut down. This might cause duplicated registry entries and confuse the system to run in disorder.

-Malicious software like spyware, Trojan and viruses.

Even though you know the reason for the problems, you cannot deal with the registry with millions of seemingly complicated keys and the value setting you have no idea about. Luckily, if you have not trained about modifying the registry, here are two best ways to fix this registry error in Windows 10 with the registry cleaner tool.

How to fix registry error in Windows 10

Download and install a reliable registry cleaning tool. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is an advanced PC optimization tool with the most powerful registry cleaner, which cleans the invalid or duplicated entries and defrags whole registry files.

Notice: before you change anything on the registry, make sure you have the backup in case something goes wrong. If you are using this Neptune Utilities, click on the second icon on the top of the interface, and choose to create a full registry backup.

Scan and fix the registry error

Launch Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, find System Cleaner and then go to the left sidebar menu and choose Registry Cleaner. Click Scan button to checkup registry on your Windows 10.

A few seconds later, the checking report is displayed. Click Clean to remove all useless or harmful registry entries from your PC.


Defrag the registry to stabilize the system

Defrag the registry is another way to clean the invalid registry by organizing it. Find System Tuneup and then to the left sidebar to find Registry Defrag. Click Analyze and try not to do anything during the analyzing, and then click on Defragment.

The registry is a messy and often obsolete corner of your Windows 10, which is also the easiest part to shake the Windows stability. Therefore, even if you’re not getting registry errors, cleaning the registry regularly can prevent them from occurring as well as tackle them once they do occur.

Do these steps help to fix registry error in Windows 10 for you? If not, please send us email and the technicians would reply you ASAP.