If your system is regularly freezing, then there is a good chance that it is due to corruption in the registry. That means, in order to fix the computer errors, freezes, reboots and other issues, you’ll need to fix your registry. The good thing is that there are many automated tools that you can acquire; designed to do just that. Neptune SystemCare is your quickest and easiest option.

The Windows registry is basically a database system within the operating system that is used for storing all of its configuration information such as every program that’s installed and how hard drivers are configured. However, over time even with just simply daily use, the registry accumulates corruption that eventually results in an unstable system with ailments such as blue screen with errored notice, program crashes, queer slowdowns and other, and eventually even an unresponsive Windows computer.

Team of NeptuneUtilities has uncovered the mechanism of significant registry corruption that causes these predictable freezes, loss of data, and error messages, and developed an effective program to clean out and repair the clutter or broken settings of your Windows registry. It allows you to instantly roll back any actions performed.

Neptune SystemCare 2017 now provides the fastest, safest, and most effective registry cleanup and repair tool available today for free.

How to fix registry errors with the Registry Cleaner for free

1. Go to Neptune Utilities to download and install Neptune SystemCare 2017.

2. Before you change anything, you can back up your registry and go back anytime with one click . (Same operation as Neptune SystemCare Ultimate)

3. Run the free registry cleaner Under System Cleaner tab.

Now you can easily prevent the repeated Windows PC freezes and errors with this registry cleaner for free.