Soon computers sweep in our workday and run as the most important tool. We send e-mails, Google the background of the client, have conference calls, etc. A workman must sharpen his tools if he wants to do his work well. A fast computer can actually help increase workday efficiency by saving your time in every aspect - 0.8 seconds per clicks, 3 seconds loading pages, 50 seconds startup.

Anyhow, fast computers would save you from the limited working time to a great extent. In this article, easy tricks improve your computer performance, and your work performance, of course.

1. Uninstall Unused Programs

You may heir the computer from the last colleague, and your computer has been installed some software you definitely do not need. Get a big cleansing and remove these by following the steps below.

->Click Start, go to Control Panel and click on Programs and Features.

->Scroll through the list, and uninstall the programs you barely use.

2. Clean Registry and Disk

Registry records every single assignment the user’s worked on the computer and disk restores all the files and dumps, also. Therefore, cleaning both of them is necessary.

(1) Registry Cleaning

->Click the Widows Start button and select Run.

->Enter cmd into the text box and press OK.

-> Type scanreg or autorun into the command prompt and press Enter.

-> Type scanreg or fix to fix any corrupted entries even if no backup exists.

(2)Disk Cleaning

Take Disk C:/ for example.

->Press Windows+e to open This PC, find the disk C:/ and right click.

->Click Properties, find General tab and hit Disk Cleanup button.

3. Lower CPU Usage

This is an easy step, and we are familiar to it. By press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to choose and open Task Manager (you can also right-click Toolbar and then click Task Manager).

->Tab processes and choose to End Task.

However, we are trying to save some time here. It will take a few minutes every time the computer slows down or stop responding. A more convenient tool is recommended to you.

->Download and launch Neptune SystemCare 2017.

->Right-click its icon and choose Show Floating Window, a speedball floats on the Windows.

->Click on the ball, it will clean out the unnecessary CPU usage within few seconds.

Also, it also contains powerful registry and disk cleaning and defragment function.

With least interruption by using a fast computer, your workday efficiency is definitely improved.