When you use Chrome to visit the website and a privacy error message shows up as below, then you need to be careful.

The reasons can be various. The details will be told while giving the tips to fix them.

Tip 1  Clean Google Chrome Browser

Clearing Chrome cache and removing unwanted extensions helps a lot in such occasion.

->Go to Settings and click Show advanced settings, then Clear browsing data.

Tip 2  Change the Date and Time

If clearing browsing cache does not work, try to correct the wrong Date and Time which is caused by SSL error.

->Type date in the Windows search field to choose date usage overview > Date and Time

->Click on Change date and time… button and reset the date and time.

Tip 3  Check Security SSL in your Antivirus

If you update computer’s date and time, but still you are facing the privacy error “your connection is not private” then you need to check the antivirus software that is installed on your computer. Sometimes antivirus programs block the strange website certificate. You would better to turn off the https scan feature in the antivirus software.

Tips 4  Proceed to the Site

If you are sure that the website you want to visit is safe, then you should proceed the website by:

->Click Advanced link, and then choose Proceed to(unsafe).

This method is just for temporary, and nothing you can do to make this error disappears because it is website’s fault.

Tip 5  Change https to http

This is only a small trick to ignore the SSL certificate. You need to ensure that the website you visit is safe.

The Ultimate Tip  Use a Privacy Protector

Privacy protection should be a regular operation on your computer. Try Neptune SystemCare Ultimate and run the in-app privacy protector every day can effectively avoid privacy error warning in Chrome.