The difference between low-end Windows PC and the high-end one is obvious when it comes to raw performance. No one likes being tied down because of slightly slower frames and choppy video display. If you do not think it worth spending hundreds dollars upgrading all the hardware for gaming (after all, it’s for work mostly), but you want to improve gaming performance, you should rely on software enhancements to improve your gaming performance on relative low-end PC or elder system.

Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is one of the best game performance booster and enhancer, frees up valuable resources and RAM needed by games from Windows PC, fix disk error and real-time displays the temperature of CPU and mainboard. Let’s see how to take good advantage of it to boost your gaming performance on not so fancy Windows PCs.

Method 1 Restart the computer by using a clean startup

It seems irrelevant to the game performance, but you must experience this—when you start Microsoft Windows, other software may start automatically together with the operating system. These programs and services can include unknown or unwanted processes that may interfere with the game. When you perform a clean startup, you prevent these programs from starting automatically.

However, a lot of programs and service seem important. To identify which programs and services should be disabled is a bit complicated and easily wrong, which might end up with a disability of PC normally running. With Startup Manager in Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, you can find out exactly what these unknown startup programs and services are doing. Based on the specific time costing and star ratings, you can easily identify, modify, delete programs, or restore the one that is falsely disabled within clicks.

Method 2 Adjust for best performance

If you have manually adjusted the game settings to a level that your video card and your processor cannot handle, you will experience the degraded performance of the game. To have a better system tweak, go to System Tuneup and find System Optimizer.

As you can see, it is a comprehensive optimizer for improving the system and network speed. System optimizer applies various system tweaks and focuses computer resources on games you are playing. The end result would be a great gaming experience with a single mouse click.

Method 3 Sweep off the error clutters to focus your game

Many times it is the small disruption to fail the game, not mention system problems like the sudden blue screen error. Checking the hard disk for error, system junk files, invalid registry entries can sweep off this block.

Open Neptune SystemCare Ultimate and one click on Checkup. After a few seconds, the analyzing results would give out a computer health index and a detailed report of the problems slowing down your computer and thus your game, on click on the Fix and fixed.

Hopefully, these tips will provide you with some boost to gaming performance. As you’ve likely noticed, however, these tips mostly relate to system maintenance and software tweaks. Since replacing the hardware on the low-end PC costs a lot budget, these are the tips you’ll have to rely on. If you still can’t play a new game after following the above recommendations it’s likely time to buy a new gaming PC.