Microsoft tried to surprise users and developed Windows 8 with a Metro-style Start screen rather than the previous Start menu. But a lot of users complain about the start button removal in Windows 8, and still, want the folder structure and return to Windows 7 style start menu even after a few years.

As for Windows 8.1, it brings back the classic pop-up start menu and start button that Windows 8 removed. Therefore, it is only a few clicks to switch back to the familiar interface.

Follow the guides below—it is not difficult to get back to the good old start button in Windows 8/8.1.

How to Get the Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 8/8.1

1. Right-click on task toolbar and choose Toolbars>New toolbar…

2. When the dialog box open, copy and paste the string below into the Folder box:

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Then, click Select folder. The Programs toolbar shows up.

3. Click on the expand icon and you can see the high-intimated Start menu feature. If you want to make it closer, right-click on the toolbar and uncheck the Lock the taskbar to drag Programs near to the start menu.

All in all, bringing a Start button back into Windows 8 isn't difficult. You can make one through toolbar with most of the functionality of the Windows 7 Start menu.