Windows PC would never hassle you to install a registry cleaner—no one wants to cry their shortcoming out loud. The Windows registry is a database containing almost all your PC’s hardware and software settings. When you uninstall a program, its registry keys should be removed too, but this doesn’t always happen and might cause errors or crashes. Registry cleaner is mostly for erasing invalid entries from the registry.

While there are a handful of registry cleaners out there for users to try, some of the top solutions include CCleaner and IObit Advanced SystemCare 9. Here are a few simple tips that will help you decide on the better suitable registry cleaner for Windows PC, based on their interface, features, scan times, and results. Sure, the scan times will vary based on your system’s performance and how much registry files you have on your Windows PC. But we made a restore point to keep the same statistics for fair and straight tests possibly.


CCleaner is one of the most recommended system cleaners for anybody to use — it includes an extremely clean and logical interface. All of its navigational buttons can be found along the left side bar which lists off the different functions of the application.

Registry cleaner is the lead role in this article. Scanning for registry issues took 19 seconds and turned out a list of problems with no exact numbers. It doesn’t cause harm by deleting too much. With the advantage of small size, it won’t take up too much resource. However, it pops out notice a bit frequently.

Advanced SystemCare 9

Advanced Systemcare 9 gets a flashy and well organized interface. Registry Clean scanning cost 25 seconds and resulted in 181 issues. If you want to learn about more details, you can click on the left side bar to open the detailed list, which is kind of obsolete. It is awesome. But it does have lots of ads for other IObit products.

Neptune SystemCare Ultimate

Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is a techy new Windows PC optimization tool yet has mature registry clean feature. The Registry Cleaner scanned for 32 seconds with 402 problems, looks like getting deeper scan or more detailed categories. It has bigger registry scanning range than CCleaner. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate runs better understandable interface than Advanced SystemCare 9. No ads.


All these registry cleaners are great choices and that it mainly comes to your personal preferences as to which one you prefer the most. However, there are still differences between the three. For improving general performance, it’s the other tools bundled with registry cleaners that have a real impact. With that in mind, we will test the system cleanup features in the next article.