The Windows registry is a repository that restores the settings of Windows system, the hard drive, and software that opt to use the registry, which is of great importance since it ensures the stability of the system and allows your PC and programs to start. The invalid registry entries come from the daily usage of PCs — you install and uninstall the applications and software, and open and shut down the documents; sometimes, a large number of malicious software like spyware, browser hijackers, and adware threats change the Windows registry, generating various registry entries and modifying default values.

All these invalid registry entries might be a major reason for the sluggish performance of your PC. That’s what we are going to talk about — how to clean invalid registry on your PC.

It is troublesome and time-consuming to remove the invalid registry manually, especially when you know little about the value and keys of the registry. Just pick up a reliable and safe tool. The program is processed by the professional engineer, which is definitely much safer than your manual operation. Here is a superb option. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is the best invalid registry cleaner for Windows PC, which provides multiple cleaning features to clean up the invalid registry.

Before you follow the guide to clean the invalid registry, make sure you have downloaded and installed the program on your PC.

Launch the software and Find System Cleaner

Find System Cleaner in the interface and then go to the left sidebar menu and select Registry Cleaner. Click Scan to check up the registry on your computer.

After scanning finished, the scanning report is displayed. Click Clean to remove all useless registry entries from your PC.


Tips: You can select the area you want to scan by clicking the Customed Area at the right of the bottom and the items you do not want to clean by unchecking the box.

Find Registry Defrag in System Tuneup tab

Before you clean or defrag the registry, you can have a backup in case something wrong happens.Click on the second icon on the top of the interface, and choose to create a full registry backup.

Defrag the registry is another way to clean the invalid registry by organizing it.

Two step and done. It is literally convenient to clean invalid registry entries. If you want to improve your PC performance harder, you can have a shot on other powerful features on this software.