Online Privacy Protection

Recently, hundreds of millions of email addresses and passwords have been leaked on the Internet. It is probably the biggest data dump ever, with more than 700 million of email addresses (plus passwords) being exposed online. What these users really need is a strong password, which is the key for protecting personal info and assets online.

Most of you would use the same password for every account you have on the Internet. This is highly insecure for obvious reasons. For important accounts that you need to keep protected it's a good idea to generate a random secure password.

Why it should be random? It is a lot easier to crack passwords that are easy combinations of personal information and natural or random guesses. Your pet’s name, your spouse’s birthday, your first school and information similar to these are really easy to guess. Password hackers do several rounds of alphanumeric permutations and combinations to crack easy passwords within a set time limit.

By using different random passwords, you minimize the potential loss you could suffer in case of a privacy breach.

How to create random password?

Neptune SystemCare Ultimate will help you with that. To understand the process in which a strong and random password can be generated, you should know of the elements that make a strong password.

->at least 12 characters

->Symbols and numbers

->Uppercases and lowercases

->Similar and ambiguous characters

->Alphanumeric combinations

Such a password should steer clear of innumerable breaching attempts by hackers and give you the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of safety of confidential information. And Password Generator in Neptune SystemCare Ultimate does that.

Open the program and go to Privacy Protect and find and click on Password Generator on the left panel. Just select the criteria for the passwords you need, and click Password Generator. You can generate over and over again until you think it fits you perfectly. Remember, the more options you choose, the more secure the passwords will be. Besides, if you think your passwords are long, random and unique enough, you can type them on the box to test its security. And again, these passwords are never shared on the Internet.