When you insert in an USB device into your Windows device, if it doesn't work as well as prompting a note that "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" in Device Manager. You can follow the 2 useful methods to solve the question of this device cannot start code 10.

Before you start to solve Error Code 10, you need to check the following below firstly:

1.Reboot your computer. This is always a first step to resolving any problems, if it doesn`t work, proceed to the step 2.

2.Make sure if you have installed all the latest Windows Updates and patches, If not then you need to do it and restart your computer.

3.There are 2 values in the Windows Registry which can become corrupt and lead to Device Manager error code 10 and other error codes as well. It is optional for you to delete these values to check if this is the issue (Remember to backup before making any registry or similar changes).

4.Make sure if you made any recent changes or install new hardware/ software. If you can, undo this change and reboot to see if this fixes the error, or please keep reading.

Method 1. Confirm the USB Device Is Not Defective

You need to verify that the USB device is not defective to fix the USB device cannot start error. You could insert the USB device into another computer to check whether it can work properly. If it doesn't work all the same, definitely, the problem lies with the USB device.

Method 2. Remove and Then Reinstall the USB Driver

In some cases, remove the current installed USB driver and then perform a clean reinstall of this USB driver could fix the USB error code 10. Take Windows 7 as an example, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click "Start" button and type "Device Manager".

Step 2. Open "Device Manager".

Step 2. Find "Universal Serial Bus controllers section" and expand it.

Method3. Update Drivers in Device Manager

Step1. Select Start > All Programs > Windows Update

Step2.Right-click on My Computer

Step3.Click Properties > Hardware menu tab  > Device Manager

Step4.Double-click the device that is causing the error (there will be a yellow triangle with exclamation mark to the left of it)

Step5.Right-click the specific device and select Properties

Step6.Click on the Driver menu tab and select Update Driver

Step7.Windows will ask for the path of the driver in which case you will need to either insert your Drivers disk (if you have it) or download the Drivers from the manufacturers website

Step8.Restart your computer