At times, it might be necessary to delete or clear the cache or cookies for a specific website only, especially when you have a problem loading the website where 404 error occurs; or you're web developer and need to test it; or you just want to protect your data privacy on this suspicious website that displays a specific annoying ad.

For instance, you visited for a swimming suit and now everywhere you go, you can see the ads of swimming suits and things you just bought, which is quite annoying.

Obviously, we don’t want to delete all cookies and re-login other frequently-used websites and services. Here’s how to delete specific individual cookies or cookies for a single site instead of all of them in Google Chrome.

Clear Cache & Cookies for the specific website in Chrome

There’re two ways to access the cookies settings.

1. Open Chrome and go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Content settings > Cookies > See all cookies and site data.

2. Copy and paste loading chrome://settings/content/cookies on the URL bar and press Enter.

Scroll through the multitude of stored cookies here, and you can find the specific site cookie and delete it by clicking the trash icon on the right.

Of course, if you do not have the patient to find out the specific website through the long list, the method to delete the individual cookies may help you.

3. Use Site Information icon

If the website cookie you want to delete pops up or appears at this moment, you can click the icon at the left side of URL bar on Chrome and choose Site Settings, where you can delete the cookies and cache on the very website, and reset other features of this website.

If you are testing the website and have advanced request about deleting cookies, you can use Chrome developer tool.

4. Use the Chrome developer tool

Right-click on the web page and choose Inspect > Application tab > Cookies.

You find all cookies listed there set by the site with the options to remove individual cookies at once. You can also access cookies set by other domains that were saved during connection to the site you visited.

No matter the reason you need to delete a cookie, it’s always good to know you can remove a specific cookie without deleting all cookies that store your preferences and history browsing data.