Apparently, most of us get Windows 10 for better performance now to satisfy what we want to do on the computer. A bunch of fun software is available now. We download them to follow our money, to begin a podcasting career, and to tell the truth in secret. It seems that we have already got high website IQ, but once the computer runs slow, crash or cannot get through the internet, we panic.

In fact, every time we uninstall, upgrade or update software/application in Windows 10, it might cause registry errors to disable the function of database, which may lead to the destruction of system hardware and operating system ── so we have to confront crash, freeze and the scary one, blue screen. Therefore, we need to repair registry once a while.

Of course, we can follow the instruction of Microsoft, read every entry with long code carefully, and get entangled in deciding whichever to delete. This will take a long time and a lot of effort. If you delete the wrong registry entries, Windows 10 is going to implode. The whole system will be a chaos. Nobody wants to waste time meddling with registry repair.

Hence, a free and safe registry cleaner is recommended to registry repair in Windows 10.
Neptune SystemCare 2017 Free is quite a good helper. It only takes one click and a few seconds to get registry repaired. And you can barely feel its existence with its silent mode. We can totally repair registry on our own.

Here’re some tips to repair registry in Windows 10 by ourselves:

->Download Neptune SystemCare 2017 Free and launch.

->Click on System Cleaner tab and find Registry Clean.

With one click on Scan, you will get your registry clean first.

->Click into System Tuneup tab, and find Registry Defragment.

It only takes a few seconds to Analyze.

For your information, the computer will reboot after defrag.

With the easy way above, it is literally convenient for us to get Windows 10 registry repaired on our own.