You may have seen Intel Management Engine Interface (IMEI) driver every time you download an office app or hot-spirited video games. You have already installed on your Windows computer, but it never stops asking. You should never ignore it because it is a quite important device, which makes sure your computer to run at its peak performance and help Intel to communicate with Windows system properly.

The repeated installation request might come from the incorrect installation procedure. In this article, we’ll show you how to download and install (works the same way with reinstalling) Intel Management Engine Driver fast and easily.


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Step 1 Download Intel Management Engine Interface Driver

Just download it directly from Intel web page:

Intel Management Engine Driver for WIndows 10, 8.1, 7 for Intel NUC

Step 2 Install the driver

1. You will be downloading a .zip file to your computer. Un-zip it at first.

2. Choose to run the setup file in ME_SW_MSI folder to install the drivers and the ME Security Status application and control panel. Then follow the instruction to finish the installation.

If the Intel Management Engine driver is not successfully installed, you may see an error notification in Device Manager > PCI Simple Communications Controller. If you are seeing a yellow exclamation mark next to Intel Management Engine in Device Manager, then right-click on it and choose Update Software…