A common reason why people choose to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop is that the Type Cover is so cool and handy, while the common reason why people would give another thought is that the Type Cover seems so fragile that it might be broken anytime. We are not trying to push or ignore something here. Surface Pro Type Cover is cool and it could be not working sometimes, and every keyboard might not respond properly once a while.

To solve Type Cover or keyboard not working on Surface Pro problem, here’re some methods that have helped many other Surface Pro users fix their keyboard when their touchpad is working. Just work your way down the list and find the solution that works for you.

Method 1 Reboot your Surface — The Quick Fix

1.Shutdown the Surface.

2.Hold down the Volume UP on the edge of your Surface and Power Button at the same time for 10 seconds to shut system off completely.

3.Power on the Surface (if it goes into the BIOS screen, choose Exit).

4.The Surface Pro will start and hopefully the keyboard will work now. (For most time, it works perfectly.)

Method 2 Check your keyboard

Try to connect another Bluetooth keyboard or the USB one to see if it is the keyboard, the hardware’s problem. If it is, you should consider switching a new Microsoft Type Cover keyboard.

Method 3 Update your Surface

Outdated Surface firmware and software might disconnect your Surface Pro Type Cover keyboard. Run Windows update, and see if it works.

1. Open Windows Settings using the way you want (like the shortcut keys Win + I).

2. Select Update & Security, go to Windows Update and click Check for Updates.

3. Wait until it finishes processing and restart after.

Method 4 Update Surface Keyboard Driver

The keyboard of your Surface might not work if you are using the wrong keyboard driver or it is out of date. And thus, you should update or even reinstall the keyboard driver to see if it works. When you need to fix the problems related to driver, go to Device Manager and update the related driver software.

1. Open Device Manager by going to Control Panel from the Start Menu and look for the option Device Manager.

2. Look for the file related to Keyboard, right-click on it and choose Update Software…

3. Follow the instruction if the Surface keyboard driver software needs updating.

Method 5 Reset your Surface

If the solution above could not solve the keyboard not working issue, you should consider resetting your Surface.

1. Click Start and go to Control Panel> Update & Security.

2. Find Recovery tab and click Get started.

3. Choose Keeping your files if you do not want to lose your data (but I would suggest you back up your data first).

4. Wait until the restoration finishes.

If your Surface Pro keyboard not working problem is not fixed after you try the methods all above, contact Microsoft for Service.