Sometimes the windows screen will appear to you with a note that“The program can`t start because MSVCP120.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”during the time you are trying running a game or other software program. It means XINPUT1_3.DLL missing circumstances and error prompt. When this happens to you, the following notification as below will pop-up:

• The xinput1_3.dll is missing.

• Xinput1_3.dll error loading

• Xinput1_3.dll Not Found

• Xinput1_3.dll could not be located

• Xinput1_3.dll Access Violation

• Cannot register xinput1_3.dll

Part1. Why Xinput1_3.DLL Errors happen

Xinput1_3.DLL missing errors are the results of Microsoft DirectX related issues. Take Windows 10 as an example, if you haven’t installed Microsoft DirectX on Windows , you may suffer missing Xinput1_3.DLL problems, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

The xinput1_3.DLL file is a part of belongs to DirectX software collection. DirectX is used by most Windows that based on games and advanced graphics programs such as Photoshop. As a result, xinput1_3.DLL not found errors will show up when these programs get started.

Part 2. How to Fix XINPUT1_3.DLL Not Found Error on Windows OS

There are 4 ways without any software to fix the Xinput1_3.DLL missing or not found errors, either of them to repair Xinput1_3.DLL file and Microsoft DirectX software package.

Method 1. Update Microsoft DirectX on Windows

DirectX setup files are the most common reasons for XINPUT1_3.DLL loading error. Microsoft releases DirectX will update from time to time without updating the version number or letter. So remember to install the DirectX latest release from there to replace the old one even if the version is technically the same.

In addition: There is no difference among Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc., DirectX installation package supported all kinds of Window OS.

Method 2. Reinstall Microsoft DirectX

If the latest DirectX version from Microsoft doesn't work for the XINPUT1_3.DLL error, you may also turn to your game’s developer or the application CD or DVD. Due to performing based on DirectX, they will include a copy of DirectX on the installation disc. Look for the DirectX installation program to deal with the annoying XINPUT1_3.DLL issues.

Method 3. Download XINPUT1_3.DLL from the Internet

In addition: Remember to reboot your Windows first, then reopen the program with XINPUT1_3.DLL issue before you searching for XINPUT1_3.DLL download file from any website, for that error could be an accident and simple reboot could hopefully clear it up.

You can Google for XINPUT1_3.DLL file  and then copy the file to the installation folder or the Windows system folder. Be careful not to download the DLL file infected with the virus. Restart your computer and then check if the XINPUT1_3.DLL issue persists.

Method 4. Uninstall the game or software program and then reinstall

If the ways above are failed to deal with XINPUT1_3.DLL error, uninstalling the game or software program and then reinstalling it.

With the above 4 methods, your program or game can be operated normally.