For convenience, you would love to save our online accounts and passwords of Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram and other multiple email and blogs accounts in Chrome on your personal PC or laptop. Since you allow Chrome to remember the passwords for you, then you major task to protect your accounts and privacy is to create secure and strong random passwords.

Generate Random passwords in Chrome

Method One | Random Password Generator in Chrome without using extension

1. Open Google Chrome and copy chrome://flags/. Paste it in the address bar or search box and press Enter.

2. Now press Ctrl + F on the keyboard and type password generation and find out Password Generation.

3. Click on the drop-down under Password generation and Select Enabled.

4. Click on Relaunch Now at the bottom to take effect in Chrome.

From now on, if you visit any website which needs you create an account and requires a password field, you can see Password Generation feature (experiment stage) of Google Chrome in action.

Method Two | Create Random password with Strong Password Generator

1. Open or Download Neptune SystemCare Ultimate on your computer.

2. Go to Privacy Protector to find out Password Generator.

3. Select the criteria like mixed-case letters, numbers, and symbols for the passwords you need, and click Password Generator. Usually, the more options you choose, the more secure the passwords will be.

Strong random Password Generator built in Neptune SystemCare Ultimate creates highly secure random passwords that are difficult to crack or guess. If you think your passwords are long, random and unique enough, you can type them on the box to check the security ratings. Password generation is done client-side, on your computer, with Javascript. These passwords are never shared on the Internet.