Had to say, it is not a bad idea now that Windows 10 PC equipped with System utilities to keep itself optimized, since you might have already suffered the slow response from your one-year-old Windows 10 computer. Unlike installing various apps/programs to ensure a seamless functioning, we’d recommend you to get an all in one PC optimization tool — system cleaner and optimizer tools defend your PC against privacy threats, keep registry clean, speed up your computer and perform more tasks.

There are tons of system cleaners out there, among which CCleaner and Advanced Systemcare Pro are the top. But there are always complaints that some apps terribly result in slow-than-ever PC speed or stop-running at all. Therefore, here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you decide for yourself which system clean program is the best for your needs.

Basic System Cleaner Standard

Clean the system to speed up PC running is the initial mission of the best system cleaner. It usually cleans the items including but not limited to:

Invalid registry keys

Unnecessary startup programs/services

Unwanted big files/duplicated files

Temporary files, browser cache, system log files, etc.

Hard drive clean and defrag

In terms of cleaning feature, let’s compare CCleaner with Advanced Systemcare Pro.

Looking at the list of results returned, you’d say that CCleaner is very effective at removing the unnecessary crud. Better yet, it is a small size tool that you can enjoy a clean Windows 10 PC everyday within a few clicks.

From the flashy interface of Advanced Systemcare Pro, you could see that it fits the system clean standard and more than that. Due to so many items, it takes much longer scan than CCleaner and pops out the notice to download Driver Booster, which is not so smooth experience. To sum up, Advanced SystemCare Pro packs a lot of different features to get into every nook and cranny of your system and best interface, though keeping you noticing IObit products.

The newly released Neptune SystemCare Ultimate owns its advantages, which the top system cleaners also employ. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is an all-in-one PC Optimization Utility for PC speedup, PC clean and registry clean under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Compared to the one-click scan function (always the most popular feature of a system cleaner) of CCleaner and Advanced Systemcare Pro, its PC Checkup feature cleans more ranges of system junk files than CCleaner and way faster than Advanced Systemcare Pro. Also, it only has 7.99 MB.

All three system cleaners are great choices and that it mainly comes to your personal preferences as to which one you prefer the most. CCleaner is swift and powerful cleaning tool, yet with less-techy interface; Advanced Systemcare Pro is more of a system optimizer than just a simple cleaner, but bigger size, obsolete ads and most system damage reported. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate gets both of their merits and combined with some cool features. You decide!