Updated NVIDIA drivers are often released every few weeks. Installing the latest drivers will ensure that you get the best performance out of your games. Your computer would keep popping up the “new driver update” alerts and by default, it would tick and install other software components like HD audio driver and GeForce Experience when you install NVIDIA Update available.

So, can you install NVidia Update without installing Geforce Experience? Of course you can. You could customize the installation of NVIDIA update drivers, uncheck the box says Geforce Experience, and only install the ones you need.

If you need a detailed guide to update NVIDIA drivers, you really should read and follow the steps below.

How to Update NVIDIA drivers 

Method 1 Via Windows updates

1. Go to Settings app> Update & security > Windows update, and click on Check for updates.

2. Wait for Windows 10 to check if there are any NVIDIA drivers available to download.

->If there are ones, the NVIDIA graphics driver will be successfully installed on your computer.

->If there is no update available in the Windows updates section, you will have to go to the official website http://www.nvidia.com to manually update the driver.

Method 2 Via Device Manager

1. Right-click on the start button and choose Device Manager.

2. Expand Display adapters and right-click on NVIDIA driver and choose to Update software driver…

If you still have a problem in installing NVIDIA updates, go to NVIDIA official website to get more information http://www.nvidia.com/object/nvidia-update.html.