Ways to make games run faster on the computer are desperately in need now. Slow gaming video rates, choppy gaming play, poor quality video display and audio distortion are too hard to put up with when you almost win the games. Usually, gamers with laptop experience much more situations where their rig can’t keep up with their game than those with fully-fledged loadouts PC or expensive game booster.

In this article, we will take Windows 10 laptop as an example to explain some tips to help you improve laptop gaming performance.

How to make games run faster

In fact, everything that helps you to improve computer performance could also boost gaming performance. Downloading game boosters like Razer Cortex would sometimes make your computer gaming performance fresh at once—they actually work by reallocating system resources like CPU and GPU, in the way prioritizes a game you are playing. You do it on your own. Here’re the solutions you can try, instead of downloading game booster.

Solution 1 Update graphic drivers regularly

For AMD and Nvidia-powered notebooks, new drivers are available at the official websites. If your laptop is powered by Intel, you can search for new driver versions via Device Manager.

1. Open Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start icon on the toolbar and choose Device Manager.

2. Go to Display Adapters>Intel HD graphics.

3. Right-click on it and choose Update software…

Solution 2 Use program to get rid of junk files

Use programs like Neptune SystemCare to get rid of unwanted registry items and disable unnecessary startup items with a safe suggestion. With this program you can also free up valuable resources and RAM needed by games and FPS performance, enjoying a smoother gaming.

You can learn how to use Neptune to make your game run faster in this post The best game booster software improves your PC gaming performance.

Solution 3 Check your hard disk

1. Close all Open programs first.

2. Right-click on the hard disk and choose Properties and click on Tools tab.

3. Click Check under Error checking to scan your hard disk for file system errors.

Solution 4 Set Visual Effects

1. Right-click on Computer and select Properties.

2. Click on Advanced system settings and then choose the Advanced tab.

3. Under Performance section, choose Settings … Then in next page, click Adjust for best performance and Apply, OK.

These are some tweaking tips to improve gaming performance. Downloading game booster will do, but sometimes it could be the reason to lose the game due to the mistaken configuration.