Your Windows computer will slow down even with the regular everyday use. You cannot compete with the mechanism of wear and tear of your software, hardware, and system—only if you did no computer optimization.

In other words, you can revert the slowing down process if you could optimize and boost your computer in a right way. Luckily, a Windows systemcare tool could make your fast Windows experience last longer. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is the advanced systemcare software that would not only scan and clean your PC out of useless files, invalid registry entries, privacy-risk data, but also optimize Windows system by hard disk defragment, managing the system, software, and hardware. It also provides restoration service, just in case that it deletes the wrong data.

Now let’s see what this advanced PC systemcare tool do for you in easy operations.


Step 1 One-click PC Checkup

Help you find potential system issues like invalid registry entries, dump files, and privacy risks, fix them and optimize the basic items with one click.

Step 2 System Clean

In System Cleaner tab, Registry Cleaner is used to scan and repair the registry. You can use Advanced Cleaner to clean and free up more hard disk space and use Common Cleaner as a routine to erase files and traces.

Step 3 System Optimization

You really should take advantage of this section. System Optimizer is a comprehensive function to accelerate Startup and Shutdown, stabilize the system, speed up system and network. You can choose to tuneup all the items by checking the box Select All at the bottom.

Disk Defrag, Registry Defrag, and Startup Manager are delicate to help you to speed up Windows PC. You can do it when you try to have an apparent change on your boot time.

Step 4 Privacy Protection

It can help you with both local and online potential privacy risks by removing the traces on the Internet and local files. Also, Password Generator here can generate the strong password for you to safeguard your accounts.

Step 5 System Monitor

This is just like an upgraded Task Manager, but displaying much easier understanding interface than what you have in Microsoft. All you need to do is to decide and end the processes taking up the CPU when your PC is extremely slow and stuck. Also, you can monitor your CPU resources all the time with the floating tray and optimize it with one click on the float tray.