Windows 10 is rapidly replacing older operating systems. As with any OS, however, there is an important thing you should take precautions. That is your Internet privacy. If you buy and install the Windows 10 system without any modification, then you will confront with the popups catering your tastes and interests, defaulted privacy settings and cloud syncing of personal information that overshares your sensitive data.

This is not an intimidation. Microsoft tries to utilize its big users and track down the information to take advantage of the big data and advertising marketing by acquiring the Internet data without obvious notice. However, you can disable its tracking by a few clicks on the security settings. Just follow the instruction to protect your Internet privacy.

1. Turn off Location

->Open Settings, go to Privacy and then Location.

->Slide Location to Off; Location service to Off;

->Default location by clicking on Set default to get location available when you agree to.

->Click Clear under the Location History section.

2. Turn off Ad Tracking

Often, instead of convenience, haunting ad display annoys you for the most time. If you are using the Microsoft account, then the ad will follow you from one device to another.

->Go to the Privacy Settings menu and turn off Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps under General.

As for the user account, you’d better delete it or sign out. Here’s where you can change:

-> Settings > Accounts > Your Account

If you want to use Microsoft account and do not want to increase the chance of internet privacy breach, turn off Sync with devices feature.

3. Stop Cortana Getting to Know You

Cortana is both a personal digital assistant and desktop search, so she would record every search entry, your voice command and others, which means Microsoft can get your data uploaded by Cortana. If you try to keep your secret from Cortana, you should:

-> Settings > Privacy > Speech, inking & typing, to click on Stop getting to know me

4. Clear Browsing History

This could be found in the menu of all the browsers. However, a type of cookie named Flash cookies could not be removed even you head to the advanced setting of the browser. To stop being tracked by this kind of cookie, you would better use Neptune SystemCare Ultimate to remove it completely. Using the in-app Privacy Protector, you can have both the browsing history and the flash cookies deleted.

5. Ensure Windows Defender Running

If you do not have an antivirus software or malware defender, you must keep Windows Defender running. Lots of Internet privacy violations come from the cyber crime.

Windows 10 has several new features that could pose threats to internet privacy. Even with the tips above, you need to be careful with the future updates that may change the policy to obtain dollar-worth data.