When your family and your friends ask you to borrow your laptop to check the email (why emails all the time, probably it is the best excuse you cannot refuse), they can easily peek your sensitive or embarrassing information without trying — the pop-out notice and advertising display would save them petty tricks. It is very smart to foresee that and encrypted important files first.

But would you sign out Google every time you leave the computer? Sure you won’t. However, what you have done online reveals your secret. The search box automatically offers to fill in the blanks using terms you had typed in before; Netflix ads float above the side and recommends you the movie related to your watching records. How should you protect your online privacy when sharing a computer with other? This guide will show you.

Regular Clear Browsing Data

This is a good habit to protect online privacy and it is very easy to do that. Press Ctrl+shift+Delete on the keyboard. It works for most browsers.

Do not Allow Browser Save Your Password

Of course, it is convenient to let the browser save the password, so you do not have to type in that much keys every time you want to check your Facebook. Have you ever thought that it is the same convenient for those who share your computers?

Daily Recent Document Removal

Every operation you did on the computer will leave traces. Open File Explore and the previously opened file can be seen in list. If you do not want others to scoop what files or movies you have downloaded when they just click on the Start menu, you would better remove it by right-clicking on the Start button and choose Properties. Click on the Start Menu tab and then click on Customize, you’ll see a checkbox for Recent Items towards the bottom.


Smarter Method

You cannot do the three steps above to protect your online privacy before you hand your laptop to your friends. There is a smarter way. Download Neptune SystemCare Ultimate and choose Privacy Protector to clean your privacy every time you hand out the computer. Because it only takes a few seconds so it won’t embarrass your friends and you. Also, you can have a great excuse for that ­­— I clean and optimize the computer so you can have a faster laptop. One stone, two birds.