The Mac is generally considered to be safe and secure, and there are a number of reasons why Macs are considered more secure than PCs. However, Mac malware is rare, but it does exist.

Apple goes to great lengths to protect you from malware by building anti-malware protection for Mac OS in the first place. In this way, you could not open a file until Mac checks it through a list of malware. The Mac's malware scanning tool, Xprotect, works as the anti-malware for Mac, running invisibly and automatically in the background and requiring no user configuration. However, if Apple loses in the race against time to update the list of malware in Xprotect file, it is possible that your Mac gets infected then.

How to protect Mac from malware

Here we collect some of the trustworthy advice and tips from the tech experts. If you worry about get the malware in the future, then you have come to the right place.

Keep Your Mac and Applications Up to Date

The most important, and easiest, way to keep your Mac safe from malware is to keep macOS and all of your apps up to date. Updates usually repair security vulnerabilities. Note that always update X-protect and browser first.

It is easy to manage updates on Mac. You can updates the system and applications in one place—Apple Store. If it’s not annoying to update all the time, you could turn on automatic updates in System Preference.

Only Enable Java and Flash on trusted site

Java and Flash are common vectors for malware. It is suggested to disable them by default in the browser and enable them only necessary. To this follow:

->Head to Safari > Preferences in the menu bar.

->Click the Security tab, then the Plug-in Settings button.

-> Click the dropdown beside any site to enable Flash for it. Alternatively, you can tell Safari to ask you before using Flash.

Do not Disable System Identity Protection

System Identity Protection, called SIP for short by some and “rootless” by others, makes it basically impossible for anything but a macOS update bundle to change core aspects of the operating system. It is a very bad idea, for that the malware could change the core of OS if you do.

It seems like a lot easier to prevent the malware on Mac than that on Windows OS. But they stand by the same rule. Just be careful to the strange email and website, and update the apps in time.