One of the best ways you can improve your Windows 10’s performance is to optimize the drive. By default, Optimize Drives, previously called Disk Defragmenter, runs automatically on a weekly schedule at the time set for automatic maintenance. If you would like to defrag Windows 10 daily or monthly, you can set up your disk defragmenter scheduler to make it the way you want.

How to Change the Defragmentation Scheduler in Windows 10

Method One Use Optimize Drives

Step 1 Open Optimize Drives

->Open the search box from Start menu and type optimize drives in, select the first option.

Step 2 Turn on Scheduled optimization

->Turn on Scheduled optimization and Change Settings.

->Choose Frequency from Daily, Weekly, and Monthly and then hit OK.

Method Two Use Neptune SystemCare Ultimate

Easy as the steps above, you only do one thing—defrag Windows 10 hard drive at one time. If you get task scheduled in Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, you can not only have disk defragged but also clean up registry errors, dump files, privacy records, etc.

Step 1 Double Click on the icon to open Neptune SystemCare Ultimate.

Step 2 One Click Scheduler

->On the bottom of PC Checkup, you can find a slide button beside a small clock, and turn it on.

->Custom the time and frequency you want, and do not forget to check the Silent mode, which won’t disturb you when scanning and cleaning.