Normally, after we uninstall an application or stop a program, a registry entry or key that is no longer used will be removed automatically. However, sometimes parts of these keys are left behind or leave vacant space in the registry. A large number of invalid entries and registry holes pile up in the registry, which might end up with damages and fragments of the registry.

Hence, if we cannot open software and an error message keeps popping out, then we must realize there might be a registry error.

In terms of the invalid registry, we get the effective solution to fix the problem easily.

Step 1 Clear Windows Store Cache

->Press Win+R to open Run menu box, and then type in WSReset.exe and press enter.

-> Click on Run as administrator

->Get a message saying: The cache for the Store was cleared.


Step 2 Remove the Old and Invalid Registry Entries

->Open registry editor by pressing Win+R on the keyboard, and type regedit in the pop-up box.

->Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\LocalSettings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVes

->Delete the old version photos for example. Scroll up to the key Microsoft.Windows.Photos_8wekyb3d8bbwe, which has both the same pictures. One of them is the invalid value anyway.

Step 3 Scan the Windows PC with this tool 

It is recommended to scan our Windows PC with Neptune SystemCare 2017. This advanced utility is capable of scanning potential system problems and optimizing your PC. Scanning and fixing invalid registry is one of the smallest items among the powerful function. Download the software for bonus surprising features here.