Windows users face the reduced performance issues in Windows PC every year. Waiting for a sluggish and creaking computer to finish one simple task is the worst and a big waste of time. Certainly, we could spend over five hundred dollars on a new PC for efficiency. But, what now if you are told that you just need to spend 30 bucks to prolong the lifespan of your PC and also you can enjoy a fast speed system all the time?

Online statistics show the average life span of a PC is 3.32 years. What if we make it 5 years and remain swift operation response with way less money on the PC optimization tool? A six-year-old kid could do the math for you—it is definitely more economical to use a PC optimization tool to have a longer running and better experience PC. Though not all of the PC optimization tool could speed up your PC and make it live longer. You can take a look at how to choose the best optimization tool for your Windows computer. When you pick out a qualified tool, try to check out if it can do the following steps to speed up your PC.

How to speed up PC with PC optimization tool

Step 1 Scan and Clean up your PC

The items that need to be scan and clean to speed up PC are included:

-temporary files

-unused programs and software

-invalid registry entries and errors

-useless junk system and applications files

These dump files to system is the stones on the road to vehicles, which would impede the processes running. It is not that hard but time-consuming to clean all the digital dust on your PC. Therefore, it would be wonderful if you get a PC optimization tool with the ability to clean all of these with just one click. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is the perfect one. Its one-click checkup function scans and cleans the problems slowing down your PC.

Step 2 Optimize the Settings and Configuration

Except for wiping off the clutter, optimizing internal settings is also the important element of a fast PC. You can use your optimization tool to speed up PC by:

-defrag registry and hard drive to stabilize the system

-turn off unnecessary start up items to reduce boot time

-optimize network connection settings for faster surfing

-real-time monitor to stop unwanted applications changing your default browser and startup settings

-manage context menu to faster menu access

Step 3 Premium Support

Many times we have no idea about what slow down PC speed, after we have done all the optimization for our PC. If live technician can help you, it would be much better.

In fact, as long as you get the right tool, you can follow the instruction above to speed up and prolong your PC.