Speed up Firefox

There’s nothing annoying than a slow browser — that’s why most of the people would download at least two browsers on their devices. Firefox is always the first option when users are about to ditching Chrome and looking for a light and fast browser. It is an impressively fast and responsive browser. However, you may anytime soon have to speed up Firefox due to excessive use, overloaded history or hidden add-ons.

You should keep in mind that if your entire operating system runs slow, you should first find out its problems and speed up your computer, and then try out the tricks and tips to speed up Firefox. If it is just the Firefox browser running slow, this article is just what you need to speed up your Mozilla Firefox browsing experience, ranging from easy to difficult. Suitable to both freshman and professionals.

Method 1 Clear History on a Regular Basis

Your Firefox could slow down due to the excess browsing history that you have not removed for months.

How to?

- Go to Menu and choose Preferences (or Options if you are using other version)

- Go to Privacy & Security> Clear history

Firefox Clear History

- Select Everything and clear now.

Method 2 Disable Accessibility Services

Firefox is always monitoring your browser via Accessibility Services. If you do not need the screen reader, braille functionality, you can disable it.

How to?

- Go to Menu and choose Preferences or copy and paste about:preferences in the URL bar and press enter

- Go to Privacy & Security > Permissions

- Tick the box for Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser

- Restart the Firefox browser when it asks to.

Method 3 Disable Data Collection 

Firefox collects anonymous data about how you use the browser to improve the features in the browser, not about your privacy. But it then sends that data to its servers, and slow down your Firefox.

How to?

- Again, go to Preferences > Privacy & Security > Firefox Data Collection and Use

- Untick the box  

Disable Data Collection Firefox

- Relaunch Firefox.

Method 4 Enable Hardware Acceleration

Firefox can take advantage of your GPU to accelerate browsing, but if you are running an old machine, it is suggested to check it first.

How to?

- Again, go to Preferences.

- Choose Performance.

- Untick the box for Use recommended performance settings.

- Tick the box for Use hardware acceleration when available.

Enable Hardware Acceleration Firefox

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Method 5 Remove Built-in or Useless Add-ons

Removing unwanted add-ons can speed up the browser’s startup time and memory usage.

How to?

- Go to Menu and choose Add-ons.

- Go to Extensions to go through what extensions you have downloaded.

- Remove the ones you barely use or the ones that you do not even know when you have downloaded.

Method 6 Close the Tabs

Apart from extensions, the other thing that literally slows down Firefox is the number of tabs you have open.

How to?

You can take advantage of other add-ons, but what you can really depend on is your habit. Close the tabs when you won’t browse anymore, which could also help your effectiveness.

Method 7 Block Firefox Animations

Just like you can speed up your Windows by disabling the animation feature, you can disable Firefox animation feature to speed up the browsing experience.

How to?

- Type about:config in the URL bar and press enter.

- Type animate in the search bar.

- Set value to all the entries as False.

- Close the tab and done.

Disable Firefox Animations

Method 8 Fix Unresponsive Script

Some of the websites or extensions have a script that runs too slow, and thus, slows down your Firefox speed.

How to?

- Type about:config in the URL bar and press enter.

- Type  dom.max_script_run_time in the search bar.

Fix Unresponsive Script

-  Double-click on the value and type 20.

- Click OK and done.

Method 9 Refresh Firefox

One of the best ways to speed up firefox is to refresh the browser. However, it removes all the customization you made, from extensions to security settings.

How to?

- Open a new tab and type about:support in the URL  bar.

- On the right-hand side, select Refresh Firefox.

Hope the above-mentioned actionable tips could speed up your Firefox experience. If it helps, share it with those who are experiencing the slow Firefox:)