More and more Windows 8 users notice that it is hard or even impossible for them to boot in safe mode Windows by pressing the key F2 or F8. Actually it is possible for Windows 8 users are able to boot Windows 8 in safe mode by pressing Shift+F8 if they are not using the UEFI BIOS & SSDs. Now let`s talk about how to boot in safe mode Windows 8 with the common methods.

Method1. Boot in safe mode windows 8 with a free pc optimization

This is the easiest way for Windows users to boost their device by several easy clicking. If you are willing to use this method for a fresh trial, the Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is a highly recommended pc optimization for you.

Step1. Download and install Neptune SystemCare Ultimate on your Windows 8.

Step2. Select “Checkup” to get the situation report of your Windows 8, then choose “Fix”

Step3. Choose the option “System Tune up” and choose all the blank. Then restart your Windows 8.

Method2. Boot in safe mode windows 8 with Shift + Restart

Step1. Open General section -> Advance Start up > Restart Now

Step2. Tap on "Restart Now"->Choose "Troubleshoot"->"Advanced options"

Step3. Tap on Windows Startup Settings->Select Restart PC.

Step4. Press the shortkey (F1-F9) to get into the Safe Mode depends on your choice.

Method3. Boot in safe mode windows 8 with msconfig.exe

Step1. Go to "Run" menu, then insert the following mandate "msconfig.exe".

Step2. Click "Boot" tab-> Choose "Safe boot".

Step3.Tap "Apply"->Click OK.

Step4.Restart your Windows to access the Safe Mode.


In this article we show you 3 ways to solve your question how to boot in safe mode windows 8. I hope all of them can do you a big favor in Windows 8 boost especially  the free pc optimization Neptune SystemCare Ultimate which is able to finish the comprehensive Windows PC process within 10 minutes, including Windows Checkup, problems fixing and Windows boost.