Computers bring us lots of convenience in our daily life, many of us can`t live without the smart devices such as Windows computer or Mac. Your smart computer devices need to support amount of database and transferring, which can be infected by the temperature of the CPU. As it is known to most of Windows or Mac users, it will comes to blue screen, error messages, and significant loss during its working time. So you need to know the temperature of CPU so you can avoid these bad results. Let`s talk about how to test and check the computer temperature or CPU`s temperature today. Alternatively, you can choose test in BOIS mode or with a reliable third party PC optimization tool .

Choice1. Choose to check computer`s temperature with BIOS mode?

In this part, you need to follow up the 3 steps below to get into Windows BOIS mode and check your CPU`s temperature.

Step1. Restart your PC firstly, then press "Del" "F2" or “F10” on your keyboard to access the BIOS. You can also get the correct BIOS key by referring to the manufacture`s logo. Here we will take Windows 8 for an example, go to Start buttons, click Restart as well as hold Shift key at the same time.

Note: You can click F10 on keyboard, then tap "Enter" to save as well as exit the BIOS mode.

Step2. Find your specific Hardware Monitor label. It can be H/W Monitor, Status or PC Health, etc.

Step3. Check your PC`s CPU temperature. The usually CPU temperature of a working PC should be at the limitation of 30 degree to 50 degree Celsius. You need to notice that the security range of temperatures between AMD and Intel are different: The temperature of most AMD processors should be within 60 degrees Celcius, the  temperature of Intel should be around 75 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Choice2. Choose to check computer`s temperature with PC optimization tool ?

Most of Windows users will prefer take the third party reliable software as their PC optimizer to protect their Windows devices such as privacy clearing , safe Internet surfing and the basic performance testing, they can check the temperature of their CPU with it. For Intel, the Core Temp is a highly recommended one. For AMD, the HWMonitor is popular used among people.

These kind of software for temperature testing and checking can be found on Internet, you can Google your target one and download from its official website or  reliable App market. Then you can follow the instruction to install and check your computer`s temperature.