When you feel your Windows or Mac is getting slower and slower, it means that there are lots of caches, cookies or the system trash take lots of the RAM of your device. If you want to improve the speed, it is time for you to clean up your computer. As a part of computer cleaning, defrag your device also plays an important part. Here let me show you the how to defrag your Windows and Mac steps by steps.

Part1. How to defrag my Windows step by step

Here we take defrag the C drive of Windows Vista(64bit)as an example, you can choose the target hard drive according to what you need.

Step1. Select Start->Control Panel->System and Security.

 Step2. Tap the choice "Defragment Your Hard Drive".

Step3. Choose "Analyze Disk" button.

Step4. Select "Defragment Disk" if the analysis is complete, then close the dialog. What`s more, you can see the progress of defrag by referring to the “Progress" blanket.

Part2. How to defrag my Mac step by step


Step1. Ensure the following features:


  • Reduce the amount of files to less than 50% and the empty space of total boot drive is occupying more than 80%;
  • What`s more, you`d better ensure HDD space usage below 50%. During the time, you can choose the HDD software to make it, or waiting for the process.
  • Restart your Mac when the 2 steps above finished.

Note: During the time, you need to do all the files backups if you need to avoid files missing or destroyed.

Step 2. Arrange a blank fresh external drive,then copy your Mac boot drive.

Step 3. Reboot the Mac system by pressing as well as  holding the option/alt key down.

Step 4. If Boot camp partition is not available during the time you clone to boot, take Disk Utility to clean the internal boot partition or the complete drive. If this happen, remember to set all the bits to "zero",map all the bad parts off and not to move the hard drive.

Step 5. Clone your external partition onto the internal partition, the route here you need to follow: execute Disk Utility->Repair Permissions on both the partitions->all aspects of Onyx

For more clearer and details, here is a video for you to defrag on Mac.


Part3. How to defrag my Windows with Neptune SystemCare Ultimate step by step?

Neptune Systemcare Ultimate is an expert in Windows PC optimization. It can not only faster context menu manager, but also give you the real-time PC protection and better surfing protection. Windows PC defragment as an excellent feature of it, you can choose it to be your PC optimizer without any doubts.

Now you can defrag your Windows 7 with Neptune SystemCare Ultimate  2 easy clicking.

Click 1. Download and install Neptune SystemCare Ultimate. Launch the software and find Disk Defrag under System Tuneup tab.

Click 2. Select the hard disk and click defragment button. You can get the analysis report in a short time. It is feasible for you to deal with other things without staying in front of your Windows.