Windows safe mode is helpful to get into Windows stripped-down, minimum-driver environment. If you got something wrong with normal mode, it would better for you to get into Windows safe mode to repair and diagnostic, which means your Windows will be limited with the basic windows feature such as only core drivers and services are workable, and unable to connect to network. After the repairing, you can return to normal mode and continue to take the external services besides the basic built-in features.

Here we will give you 2 ways to get Windows 7 into safe mode, which is also useful for Windows Vista and Windows 8. For instance, you can watch a video to know how to get in safe mode in Windows firstly, we will give you more details of words lately.

Method1. Get Windows 7 in safe mode with the key F8

Step1. Pressing F8 on your keyboard as long as your Windows finished restarting or powering. It means you need to press F8 when you hear the sound of computer starting or beeping.

Step2. Pay attention to your windows 7 when it displays hardware information and runs a memory test, the Advanced Boot Options menu will show up.

Step3. Choose the mode you need to enter by pressing arrow keys, then select Enter. You can select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking depends on your willing.

Step4. When the repair finished, you can follow step1 to step3 to return to normal mode by choosing “Start windows Normally” with arrow keys.

Note: F8 is unavailable for Windows 8 to get in safe mode, but it can be recommended for Windows 7, Windows Vista to enter in safe mode. If you need to get Windows 8 in safe mode, the following method is one of the way to make it, which is also available for Windows 7, Windows Vista.

Method2. Get Windows 7 in safe mode with msconfig.


Step1. Open Start button, type msconfig in the Search bar then launch the  program it show up.

Step2. Tap the Boot tab, then find the Safe boot choice.

Step3. Choose an following option. Then you will turn to the standard Safe Mode.

Step4. Select OK, and then restart your Windows.

Get Windows in safe mode is helpful for windows users repair the program and improve the windows efficiency. For a better Windows PC management, get a reliable pc optimizer is an smart choice. NEPTUNE SYSTEMCARE ULTIMATE is highly recommended PC optimization, which can makes you a faster computer and automatic update.