As the release of Windows 8, one of the obvious changes is the screen menu or the start menu. The Start Screen menu replaces the traditional start button, which is widely used among Windows 8 users quickly as the new Windows 8 operation system was released out. However, it is necessary for us to talk about how to get the start menu in Windows 8 cause not every one of Windows 8 users are able to use it and used to the new screen feature. In addition, for some Windows 8 users, they might want to turn on the traditional start button. In this article, we will show you the way to get start screen menu in Windows 8 and turn on start menu button in Windows 8.

Part1. How to find start screen menu in Windows 8

 There are 4 ways for you to get start screen menu in Windows 8.

  • Move to the right edge of the start screen then “Start.”
  • For mouse users, they can simply move their mouse to the right bottom edge of the start screen.
  • Alternatively, mouse users can swipe the cursors to bottom-left corner of start screen, a thumbnail of the Start screen will show up. Open the Start screen by clicking the thumbnail.
  • All most Windows 8 users can find their Start screen just by entering the words  on their Windows keyboard.

Part2. How to get traditional start menu button in windows 8 

 Step1. Create a Start Menu Toolbar.

Ensure to show all of your hidden files on your Windows 8.

Right-click your taskbar-> click toolbars and new toolbar-> Open C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows-> select "Start Menu"->choose "Folder”. This folder is useful to be a shortcut to the Start screen.

Step2.Add and install a third-party program.

This is helpful for Windows 8 users to add a Start menu to their Windows 8 screen, which means it is able to get the traditional start menu instead of the start screen.

There are 4 free recommended options for you to install the start menu in your Windows 8.

Option1. ViStart 8 is free and able to create a very look likely Windows 7 Start menu.

Option2. Classic Shell is an open source with free tool, which can be used to add the Start menu and some of the older Windows features to Windows 8.

Option3. Start 8 is also a free tool that is used to add the Start button to the taskbar.

These 4 choices can be download and install from their official website. The one point you need to pay attention to is that other third party optimizer are also alternatively for Windows 8 users, all of the these third party program including the 4 choices above are not the backed by Microsoft Windows, which may not assurance you the basic requirement or even can be the virus carrier. It is necessary for you to make certain you understand all terms and conditions before downloading and installing, taking an PC optimization tool as your Windows protector is feasible.

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