When something like code error or virus attack happens, or you can`t start it normally. Windows safe mode is a kind of choice to protect Windows, when you open windows in safe mode, your Windows devices will repair the program with something wrong itself. As we have several articles about Windows safe mode before, here we will talk about how to start safe mode in Windows 7/8/10 for more details and easy to understand. We will separate this article into 2 parts, you will know how to open Windows 7 in safe mode in the first part, the second part is how to start safe mode for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users.

Part1. How to open windows 7 in safe mode?

Windows 7 users can choose one of the two methods below to start safe mode. The first one with Windows 7 at the moment of powering on or restarting is more recommended, which is also easy to understand and operate for most of Windows users.

Method1. Open Windows 7 in safe mode by restarting or powering.

Step1. Restart or turn on your Windows 7, at the moment of Windows 7 powering on, press the key F8 repeatedly, till you see the picture below.

Step2. Choose “Safe Mode” or “Safe Mode with Networking” by arrow key. Press Enter. Then your Windows 7 will start safe mode itself.

Method2. Open Windows 7 in safe mode by msconfig.


Step1. Go to Start-> Enter msconfig in Search box-> Choose msconfig.

Step2. Tap Boot tab-> Choose Safe boot -> Click Minimal.

Step3. Select “Apply” -> click “OK”->Click “Restart”, then your Windows 7 will start to  Safe Mode itself.


Part2. How to open Windows 8/10 in safe mode


Step1. Power on or restart your Windows8 or Windows 10.

Step2. Then tap start-up screen and click power icon.

Step3. Keep pressing Shift on the keyboard and select Restart-> Choose Troubleshoot.

Step4. Click Advanced options then Startup Settings.

Step5. Tap Restart-> Press the 4 on your keyboard. Then you can wait for your Windows 8 or Windows 10 start to safe mode itself.

Thus, you can open your Windows in safe mode with the methods we showed you above. Also we have several related articles about Windows safe mode, you can have a refer.

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