Lots of Windows users would happen to download some software that does not have their own uninstallers and that you cannot find it listed in the Programs and Features list, or the programs were previously listed in but may no longer list. And deleting their file does not help—the software still start up at next bootup.

Why would it happen?

Why do they not list in Add/Remove programs list? There are two main reasons. One, some software is trying to stay at your computer as long as possible so that the developer did not pack the uninstaller in the first place. Two, it’s an annoying Windows system (error) that makes them disappear on the list.

How to resolve the problem?

Solution 1 Reinstall the software

Though it sounds like stupid and does not make much sense, it works sometimes. Control Panel or Windows could not find the missing uninstaller — your reinstalling could fresh Control Panel’s memory. After you reinstall the software, go to Control Panel>Programs and features to see if the Add/Remove list has the unwanted software.

Solution 2 Use Registry Editor

Before you take any steps, you have to make sure that you follow these steps carefully. It would be much safer if you back up your registry first.

1. Find and run the Uninstall Folder

Some programs create a folder that contains a "$" character at the start and end of the folder name. This kind of folder may have the hidden uninstall file that you can run to remove the program you installed on your Windows computer. To unveil it, you should:

->Right-click Start, click Explore and Options under View, and then click Show all files.

2. Use Registry Editor.

->Press Win+R on the keyboard and type regedit in the box to open Registry Editor.

->View following registry key:


-> Double-click the UninstallString registry, copy the contents of the Value Data box and then exit Registry Editor.

-> Press Win+R on the keyboard and paste contents you copied before, and click OK.

Solution 3 Restore system point

Restoring your computer to a previous point before the unwanted programs have been installed, when things work perfectly can help you get rid of the unwanted programs. Also, it is an effective solution for many stubborn programs. To perform this step, do the following:

1. Open Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, on the right top of the screen, there is a horizontal list of buttons.

2. The second button is for creating a system restore point. Click on it and then save the file to an external storage drive.

3. The third one is for recovering from the restored files. You can click on it and choose the version/time you want to recover.