Before we judge a free PC optimizer, we would better get the knowledge of what PC optimization is and what a free PC optimizer would do.

PC optimization means that tuning up a PC system enables it to run and work more efficiently with fewer resources. So, we can see that PC optimization is not a one-time thing; it is a continuous process, which should be done again and again to keep the PC running smoothly.

A PC optimizer would process complicatedly in the background to clean and optimize system and display in an easy form to the users. It usually keeps a PC in good shape by scanning, cleaning, and repairing the registry, hard disk, removing useless files and freeing up more space. Therefore, when it comes to the PC speed issues, your friend and Google would tell you to use a PC optimizer to fix the slow features.

There are many PC optimizers for free out there. Here we are not having the review but a general overview of the pros and cons of the free PC optimizer.


Most of the free PC optimizer is like a Swiss army knife with more than 15 tools in one place.

Powerful registry cleaner and defragment

Editing Startup Program

System Backup

Disk cleaner and defragment

Delete temporary and junk files

Startup Program Management

Advanced Settings

Firstly, they will check up and diagnose the PC problems; secondly, repair and fix the errors; lastly, clean, repair and optimize the system. These three steps are as regular as three meals a day.

In term of the registry issue, they can be small but they can cause the Blue Screen of Death and daily crashes. You can repair the registry manually if you do know what you are fixing. For averaged users, the best way to clean and repair registry is to use a PC Optimizer.

As for the memory problem, which is directly related to the computer speed, they usually clean the junk files and big temporary files to free up more space.  


Usually, the free PC optimizer will do what they claim to do for free. Though they improve PC performance, the vast majorities of them keep calling your attention to its paid one with prompt notice or float windows, which is quite annoying. Or some of them are free to the users, but charge for the advertisers— that’s how they make money, so you will see a lot of colorful ads that try too hard to attract your attention.

The trial version of Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is otherwise. You could barely see the constant pop-ups, if there are, it is just notices of telling you to free up the CPU by one click on the tray, which you can turn off in the settings.

To Sum Up

There is no definite answer to “should I use a PC Optimizer for free” or “does using a free PC optimizer have more pros or more cons”. But the sure thing is, a reliable and safe free PC optimizer would do no harm.