The truth is, your Windows 10 will slow down even with the regular everyday use. You cannot compete with the mechanism of wear and tear of your software, hardware, and system.

So, to save your rusting Windows 10, it is totally worth of searching the tutorials to manually optimizing your PC and clear out the junk files to boost the performance; but this could be time-consuming. Choosing the best optimizer for your Windows 10 is much more convenient.

Every Windows PC gets its own problems and needs the personalized optimization. However, there are tens and hundreds of PC Optimizer floating around the marketplace and all of them claim to be the Best PC Optimizer software. So how do you select the optimizer that suits your PC most? There are three golden rules you can adhere to.

System Stability

A stable system is the foundation of overall system performance, accessibility, and usability. In other words, that you can open and save the work you have done is the least promise. You cannot expect that the optimizer would help you with issues caused by hardware, but it can assist you in the common frustrating system issues like dead blue screen, frozen process, and unexpected crash.

The best Windows 10 optimizer would automatically check and repair the errors. The errors might be caused by opening and closing an app, installing and uninstalling programs, and accumulation of system clutters and disk fragments.   

System Speedup

Speeding up system is the initial mission of the best PC optimizer. It usually employs the advanced technologies for Windows 10 including but not limited to:

  • Defragging, compacting and restoring system registry
  • Optimizing the settings of memory for quicker processor
  • Boot time management to prevent bloatware
  • Removing temporary files and history cache
  • Real-time foreground program monitoring to smartly improve response speed
  • Spurring when CPU idling

Network Speedup

Network speed now is the major factor of rating a PC performance. The best optimizer for Windows 10 must shoulder the feature to maximize the network speed.

Network speed connects with complicated TCP/IP and DNS settings and devices. Just let the tool roll it for you.

Many great Windows optimizer will not stop to the above features. They also enhance privacy protection, fast problem detection engine and so on. Neptune SystemCare 2017 embraces all the merits and deploys automated maintenance actions to keep your Windows 10 running like new.

Worth a shot!