You probably hold the question about the computer security and privacy, but you never have the time or the energy to find out the right answer, given that millions of Google results would lose our patience. Therefore, top 5 computer security and privacy questions which come from Quora, tech forums other websites are listed with a short and brief answer and a more detailed reason.

1. I am using (secretly) a Wi-Fi from a neighbor. Can they discover my usage and my account and password? Can they track me with Google Map Location using IP?

Answer: yes and yes.

Detail: If your next-door happened to be a tech geek, he/she could use the connection to hack your device; then using IP tracks your Gmap location is a piece of cake. Technically your neighbor could own your digital life. As long as he/she change the DNS server you are connected to, you would browse the fake websites he/she intercepts and also they can view your text communication information, not mention your account and password.

Therefore, use your own connection and choose a strong and unique password for your own Wi-Fi.

2. I am using my computer without an antivirus. Is it safe?

Answer: it is safe until your computer gets virus or malware. So, you would better use one.

Detail: If you browse the websites safe and careful, do not use any USB or DVDs, and do not download anything suspicious, then it is safe. However, you could barely follow this, and the websites won’t let the business go.

Sometimes, the virus is like cancer. It is potential and you never know when it comes. But once it approaches your computer, sooner or later the computer dies.

Therefore, installing an antivirus is necessary. Windows user can run Windows Defender and it is just fine. But if you want to use another antivirus, use the one with advanced technologies and quick response to the new virus.

3. If I use a VPN, can the owner of the network see what website I visit?

Answer: Generally speaking, it depends.

Detail: When you are using a VPN, you can hide the browsing history from your Internet Service Provider. To some extent, it can stop the owner of the network see what website you visit. But there will be network operators get the way. So it would better to use multiple protection services. The privacy protector in Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is a great helper. Every simple click can erase the browsing history, recent document, leftover files and other potential privacy-risky problems.

4. Which password is more secure, the multi-word passwords or passwords with the combination of letters, numbers, and symbols?

Answer: the long and complex passwords are safer.

Detail: often, when you sign in, the reliable website would ask you to enter a password with more than 8 letters (one of them has to be capitalized numbers, and symbols like_ and /. If you have downloaded Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, use the password generator in the privacy protector. It helps you create strong passwords. Besides, to secure your account security, keep your browser and software updated.

5. What is it like to be a hacker of cyber crime organization?

Answer: Just Google it and you can see a lot of brilliant stories.

Detail: Actually, being a cyber criminal involves a lot of work, a lot of anxiety and insecurity about the results of the operation.

What other questions of computer security and privacy do you have? Please email us and find out the answer.