The bundled software is quite a deal and usually costs you the money of one software but gives you a group of software packages, among which most of all are big names, and the rest are not that popular or created by startup publisher. Total System Care is one of the little reputable applications promoted via bundled software and other free downloads and tries to users’ money anyway.

On the face of it, Total System Care is a system optimizer that looks for outdated Windows registry and unnecessary temporary file and alerts you to pay for fixing the problems, which actually have little effect on your computer speed or performance. The alarming message claims that nothing but Total System Care could save your computer from danger. If you are not buying it and you want to remove the software, it cannot even uninstall like normal software because the publisher does not have the uninstallation file in the setup file originally. Therefore, some anti-malware or anti-virus application would define it as a malware.

So, how to remove it completely? Here’s a manual guide.

1. Uninstall Total System Care from Windows

->Go to Control Panel, find Features and Programs (Apps & feature in Windows 10) and double-click on it to open.

->Scroll through the list and find Total System Care, and then choose Uninstall on the bar above.

2. Remove its browser plugins and extensions

The Total System Care might have bundle on your browsers with its add-ons and extensions. Follow the steps to delete it.

Google Chrome

-> Click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon on the right top of Google Chrome and choose More tools > Extensions.

-> Look for the Total System Care extension in the list and click the trashcan icon to remove it.

Mozilla Firefox

-> Open the Menu and click Add-ons; find out the Total System Care add-on and click Remove

Internet Explorer

The steps are almost the same as what in Google Chrome.

If you still have software that can’t uninstall like normally, you can read remove the programs that won't uninstall to learn more skills.